Once you have your branding sorted we can help you with your emarketing. Whether you are looking to increase your social media followers, send out e-mail campaigns, generate support for your freshly designed website, or simply promote your product.


E-Mail Campaigns

You can easily increase your product sales by a targeted e-mail campaign.

We are happy to help you create an effective e-mail campaign, creating tailored e-mails and automating mail lists.

Tailoring your campaign based on your customers preferences, previous purchases and helping to re-engage customers who have been absent from your services for a while. We can generate automated e-mails for new subscribers, existing customers and as follow ups to product purchases.

We can use customers purchase history to create targeted e-mails promoting products or targeting offers, sales or discounts. We can also generate automated back in stock messages, and alerts for abandoned shopping carts.

This services is supported by an advanced analytic report, detailing success of your campaigns.